Life Interrupted Events Drive Home the Tragic Consequences of Risky Driving Behavior at Two Bakersfield High Schools

State Farm® and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia worked with Congress in 2007 to designate the third week of October as National Teen Driver Safety Week. Given the prevalence of teen car crashes in October, this encourages parents, young drivers, lawmakers, and educators to work together to change risky driving behavior and help save lives.

A dedicated week offers a unique opportunity to focus attention on this national problem. The week serves as a time to shine a spotlight on teen driver safety and ramp up conversations about it. Across the country, hundreds of State Farm agents and employees participated in teen driver safety activities in their local communities.

In Bakersfield, State Farm teamed up once again with "A Life Interrupted" and the Bakersfield Police Department to show teens firsthand the consequences of careless driving. The State Farm sponsored "Crash Trailer" was on display at Centennial High school on October 19.

On October 26, Stockdale High School hosted the display that shows a real life result when a drunk driver hits a car driven by an innocent teen driver … and that teen driver is killed. The display is shown at all of the Kern High School Districts 18 campuses with exposure to over 40,000 students.

Local State Farm Agent Keith Stonebraker and Officer Rex Davenport hand out teen driving information at the State Farm sponsored "Crash Trailer" recently at Stockdale High School.

Bakersfield Agent David Hall represented State Farm at the Centennial High School event, and Agent Keith Stonebraker was on hand at the Stockdale High School event.

Stonebraker said, "I've watched these kids grow-up, along with my own kids, and I've also attended too many funerals of young people involved in traffic crashes … if this crash trailer makes one more teen think twice about driving carelessly behind the wheel, then we've done our part."

The National Young Driver Survey, conducted by State Farm and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, examined teens' attitudes on 25 risky driving situations which provided important insight into perceived crash contributors. This research report discusses several findings, including:

  • Teens don't consider themselves inexperienced drivers
  • Parents play a crucial role in teen driving safety
  • Limiting primary access to vehicles during the first six to 12 months of driving is important
  • Unlicensed teen drivers engage in more unsafe driving behaviors than licensed teen drivers

Agent David Hall (middle) spent time with Bakersfield Police Department officers and team members, spreading the teen driving message to students at Centennial High School.