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Diversity and Inclusion With our Suppliers

Teaming up to Help Others

Supplier Diversity positively influences customers and communities in ways that go far beyond what we can do alone. Working with diverse suppliers, we receive quality service and products, help support small businesses, and better understand local communities.

See how we work with one of our diverse suppliers to give us new ways to help our customers.

Rowena Zimmer came to America from the Philippines with a dream of owning her own business.
Her dream became real in two-thousand-one, when she started A.L.E. Solutions out of her suburban Chicago basement. From there, all she needed was the opportunity to grow it.
Soon, that opportunity came, when Rowena met someone from State Farm.
Since then, State Farm has helped A. L. E. grow into a national leader in temporary housing, assisting millions of people when they’ve needed it most.
Helping people realize their dreams is part of the State Farm mission.
And that’s why it’s so important to seek out and support suppliers from all different backgrounds.
When we work with diverse suppliers, we give State Farm new ways to help our customers.
But most importantly, we discover opportunities to partner with business owners whose values match our own – businesses who believe in being good neighbors in their communities.