Working Together
to Make a Difference

Our Corporate Green Initiatives Help Us Really Clean Up

State Farm® is making a difference by reducing its carbon footprint through its Corporate Green initiatives that promote a healthier environment.

Through our corporate green and sustainability initiatives, State Farm's environmental work is helping thousands of communities across the U.S. and Canada.

Environmental Philanthropy

Each year, State Farm awards millions of dollars to student-driven service-learning projects that address pressing social issues, including environmental responsibility.

Leading by Example

State Farm is a leader in ecologically efficient buildings. Our major facilities have a combined Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star score of 84. This means our buildings are more energy efficient than 84% of comparable buildings in the U.S.

Green Fleet

We measure our vehicle fleet's overall greenhouse gas emissions intensity and report the results to the Department of Energy. By 2010, we had reduced our emissions intensity by 46%. This was more than two times our initial goal of an 18% reduction by 2012.


Our recycling efforts are only one way we're striving to be a green neighbor. We recycle batteries, aluminum, glass, paper and more at most of our major facilities.

Reducing Paper

We offer our customers electronic billing, recurring monthly, and electronic statements. By offering you this, we reduce the amount of paper you receive from State Farm.