State Farm® is leading the way in ecologically efficient buildings.

Our offices and facilities rank among the nation's leaders in ecologically efficient buildings. Our major facilities have a combined Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star score of 84. This means our buildings are more energy efficient than 84% of comparable buildings in the U.S.

Why have we made it our mission to be an environmentally responsible business?
Simple: It's part of being a good neighbor.

One example is our Austin, Texas facility, which is recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for voluntarily buying renewable energy to power our site. The Austin facility — which has participated in the EPA's Green Power program since 2006 — placed 41st in the EPA's July 2009 ranking of the top Fortune 500 purchasers of power generated from renewable resources.

Green Mission

State Farm® is committed to a future where environmental values are key to the way we do business. We will continue to find solutions to reduce our company impacts and help build safer and greener communities.

At State Farm, A good neighbor is a green neighbor.™

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