We're Committed to a Better Tomorrow

Green Policies — That's Our Green Mission

State Farm® is committed to a future where environmental solutions are key to the way we do business. At State Farm, A Good Neighbor is a Green Neighbor.

Green Services for Customers

Whether it's saving paper with paperless billing or researching eco-friendly roofing technology, State Farm is working together with our customers toward a greener future for all.

Green Facilities

We've lowered our emissions intensity by nearly 50% in the past decade. And we continue to reduce our environmental impact in the workplace with our offices and facilities, shuttles, fleet, and recycling practices.

Green Community

A good neighbor is a green neighbor™. State Farm works with organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada to help build safer and greener communities.

Green Awards

State Farm is passionate about protecting the environment and has been recognized for its efforts by local, state, and federal organizations.