Green Services

Whether it's paperless billing or researching eco-friendly roofing technology, State Farm® is working with customers toward a greener future. We now offer a number of options for customers to lessen their impact on the environment, from giving customers the option to pay their bills online to recommending tips for greener driving habits.

State Farm Helps Reduce Paper by Allowing Customers to View Their Privacy Policy Online

Reducing Paper

We now offer a number of options for customers who'd rather pay their bills online. Save yourself both time and money by making the switch.

Green Driving

You don't always have to make big sacrifices to be an advocate for the environment. Here are a few small changes to the way you drive that will save you money, keep you safe, and help the planet.

Green Roofs/Homes

Even though you might not hear much about it, hail can be a great danger — and account for tremendous damages — all across the country. State Farm is taking an eco-friendly approach to this problem.