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State Farm® Researches Safer Roofing Materials

We've made it a goal to research safer, more resistant kinds of roofing technology for our customers, and to reward those who choose to use it to protect their homes. It makes sense in more ways than one. You can't stop hailstorms, but protected roofs mean less total damage. More protection also means less waste. Fewer houses needing new roofs mean fewer shingles in the landfill.

State Farm has attacked the hail problem in a number of ways – sometimes literally! At our in-house laboratory in Bloomington, Illinois, researchers have gone so far as to use compressed air-guns to shoot high-velocity ice balls at roofing materials. State Farm has also worked with Texas Tech University to study the nature and behavior of hail.

Visit the "perils map" to protect your home and learn about the most common claims in your state.

Today, highly resistant roofing materials are available to anyone who lives in an area frequently hit by hail. And in some states, State Farm offers discounts [PDF-293.1KB] to homeowners and business owners who use this technology to protect themselves and the environment.

In addition to discounts for resistant roofing materials, consumers can also choose to recycle their used and damaged asphalt shingles. When you're deciding on the color of your roof and whether you want it to be impact resistant – you can also choose to help the environment by asking your roofer to recycle your shingles following a claim.

Green Mission

State Farm® is committed to a future where environmental values are key to the way we do business. We will continue to find solutions to reduce our company impacts and help build safer and greener communities.

At State Farm, A good neighbor is a green neighbor.™

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