Driving Simulator Key to "Edutainment" in Illinois — State Farm®

You hear it over and over again. Car crashes are the #1 killer of teens. Even with all the research, campaigns, pledges and PSA's, the problem hasn't been what to teach them, but how to reach them.

State Farm has partnered with several local community organizations to merge teen driver education with entertainment.Our company has provided several large grants to purchase mobile driving simulators that use the most advanced technology to expose the user to various road scenarios. Having the ability to demonstrate distracted behavior, or driving under the influence, gives the participant a much more memorable learning experience.

The simulator technology uses comprehensive software that offers complex and unpredictable challenges to the driver which can enhance risk avoidance, defensive driving skills and reaction times. The user receives instant feedback, and the simulator has been proven as an effective teaching tool for drivers of all different skill levels. The mobility of the unit allows our partner organizations to take the simulator to local high schools, safety fairs and other high teen traffic areas.

In Illinois, State Farm has partnered with the African-American Family Research Institute for a state wide program.

The mobile driving simulators have been a great addition to the comprehensive teen driving programs that State Farm already supports, including: Steer Clear®, Project Ignition, CHOP, and National Teen Driver Safety Week.

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