Oklahoma City Agent, Rod Chew

Oklahoma City Agent Rod Chew of State Farm® is Recognized by Safe Kids

When Oklahoma City Agent Rod Chew's daughter was born, he had her car seat inspected during a Safe Kids' sponsored event. When he was told that the seat was incompatible with his car, he was shocked. After learning that 70 to 80% of all car seats are estimated to be installed incorrectly, he was determined to do something about it.

Rod became a major supporter of Safe Kids in Oklahoma City, a non-profit network of organizations that works to prevent unintentional childhood injury and death. They educate families and work to keep children safe, healthy and out of the emergency room. One of their most important functions is making sure children are safely and correctly in car seats.

After serving on the group's local board for many years, Rod now works as its president, dedicating much of his time to protecting and saving the lives of child passengers.

Safe Kids' Executive Director John Wilguess appreciates Rod's commitment. "He helps open doors for us with sponsors and donors, and thinks about ways to advance our efforts all the time," Wilguess said. "Rod's focus is on making Safe Kids a better, more efficient and well-funded organization so we can help more Oklahoma children."

Agency Field Executive Vernon Tappana recognized the commitment Rod puts in with Safe Kids. "Rod has done an outstanding job championing the Oklahoma Safe Kids organization," Vernon said. "He has a passion for child passenger safety and rallied other agents and employees in the Oklahoma City area to share his cause. He has personally spent countless hours helping Safe Kids keep children protected in their cars. I have no doubt that his involvement with this organization has saved lives in Oklahoma."

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