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Aaron Shares His Experience

(Image) Aaron walks down sidewalk to his State Farm office. He opens the door and walks in.
(Words on Screen) Become an Agent Motivation
(Speaker: Aaron Sessions) Working in the corporate world I quickly learned in order to move to the next level I knew that I was going to have to move geographically. My family was in California and that's where I wanted to grow my roots.
(Image) Aaron smiles at camera.
(Speaker: Aaron Sessions) I'm Aaron Sessions and I'm a State Farm agent in Campbell, California.
(Image) Aaron walks up to home and rings doorbell. Male customer opens door and shakes his hand.
(Speaker: Aaron Sessions) I wanted to be able to control my own destiny and determine my own self-worth. I worked with start-up companies, did multimillion dollar loans, but never really felt what I was doing was making a direct impact on an individual level.
(Image) Aaron and male customer move to dining room table to discuss insurance policy.
(Speaker: Aaron Sessions) Do you have any questions about your insurance policies or anything that I can answer for you?
(Words on Screen) Become an Agent Career reinvention
(Image) Aaron talks to camera.
(Speaker: Aaron Sessions) Prior to becoming a State Farm agent I talked to a number of different agents and their experience with their career. And the overwhelming comment that I received from agents was State Farm is one of the best kept secrets out there. And I didn't really understand what that meant until I got into the business a little bit more.
(Image) Aaron talking to a male customer as they look at the customer’s vehicle.
(Speaker: Aaron Sessions) And now that I look back at that I find myself saying the same things to people that approach me about State Farm.
(Words on Screen) Become an Agent Meaningful connections
(Image) Aaron continues to talk with male customer about his vehicle.
(Speaker: Aaron Sessions) As an agent I saw that I could make a difference working with individual people, make a difference in individual lives, and I could actually feel really good about what I did.
(Image) Aaron works with his team in the office. Camera switches to Aaron talking to the camera, then goes back to show his interactions with his team.
(Speaker: Aaron Sessions) I don't want to hire people that show up every day and collect a paycheck. That's not who I am. I feel like, yes this is a means to live out the financial goals that I have in my life, but while doing so I can help people and make a difference in many people's lives. And my team feels the same way. They rally around that. They feel passionate about helping people, whether it be just providing great customer service.
(Words on Screen) Become an Agent Why State Farm
(Image) Aaron talks to camera.
(Speaker: Aaron Sessions) State Farm offers support to an agent, and that's one thing I really appreciate about the company is that I never feel that I'm on my own.
(Image) Aaron talks with a male and female customer in his office.
(Speaker: Aaron Sessions) And that's one of the things that appealed to me where there was a process and a system that I didn't have to go out on my own. Thousands of people have done this before me and State Farm had a successful track record.
(Words on Screen) Become an Agent Balance life
(Image) Aaron talks to camera. Camera switches to show Aaron with his wife walking hand-in-hand outside of their house. His wife is pregnant and they have a golden retriever following them at their feet.
(Speaker: Aaron Sessions) So I started this business eight years ago now. At the time I was single and I kept in mind that I wanted to live out the family lifestyle that I wanted to live. Been married now for four years. My wife and I are expecting our first child, and I look forward to being the dad that I always wanted to be and being able to be there for my kids. And pick up my kids from school if I wanted to every day, coach Little League, do all the things that would provide as much of a wonderful childhood as I can possibly provide as a father to my kids.
(Image) Aaron talks to camera.
(Speaker: Aaron Sessions) My decision to become a State Farm agent is one of the best decisions that I've ever made. I make more income than I thought I would ever make in my career. I have all the flexibility in the world that I could ever want. And I feel really good about what I do on a daily basis.
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Be the leader, the one who sets a vision and inspires others to be their best.

Get hands-on experience and support

You're never alone, existing State Farm agents and staff are available to help you grow.

Help your community in new ways

Make an impact in your neighborhood and give back to the people around you.

Earn potential travel incentives and bonuses

Earn potential travel incentives and bonuses.

*State Farm agents are independent contractors and are solely responsible for office expenses and decisions regarding the employment and/or management of agent team members employed by them.

As an Army veteran, I see countless parallels from my time in the service with my experience as an agent.

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As an Agent I saw that I could make a difference working with individual people, make a difference in individual lives, and I could actually feel really good about what I did.

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