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IT/Systems Internship Testimonial

Hear from real intern Bryson and his experience with an IT/Systems internship at State Farm®.

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Meet Our Interns - Bryson

"Working at State Farm has opened my eyes to the corporate life. It's more of a family environment."

Major: Computer Information Systems
School: Northwestern State University
Hometown: Natchitoches, Louisiana

Best thing about the internship

I deal with service requests, so problems out in the work force come in, I have to fix the problem and I deal with those, but the way I tackle those issues and problem solve is what I love about the problem solving; it makes you think.

Greatest memory of the internship program

The culture. It's just one big family.

Biggest challenge for you

I had to present in front of leaders on a project that I had worked on, dealing with analyzing errors in the workforce and all the operations centers.

Most surprising thing you've learned about State Farm

Working with people who are full-time employees, they listen to you. It's nice to see that everybody helps each other no matter what level you're on; you're all trying to get a task accomplished no matter what your background is at the time.

One suggestion for incoming interns

The fact that you can move around in the Company and explore different career paths, without leaving the company; that's nice.

Reasonable Accommodation Assistance

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