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Planning & Analysis Internship Testimonial

Hear from real intern Ben and his experience with a Planning & Analysis internship at State Farm®.

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Meet Our Interns - Ben

"I can talk to anyone in the Company and feel like I'm a valuable member of this team."

Planning & Analysis
Major: Business Finance and Accounting
School: Bluffton University
Hometown: Graymont, Illinois

Best thing about the internship

The work/life balance at State Farm is something that all the employees seem to talk about and speak well about State Farm. As an intern, I don't feel like I'm bogged down with work. I get my work done while I'm here and then have the rest of the day to enjoy life.

Greatest memory of the internship program

I often feel like I'm an equal with other analysts on the team and that feels good to not just be looked at as the lowly intern.

Biggest challenge for you

From day one, I was working on tasks and projects that add value to the Company and that is something that really makes this internship special and sets it apart from others.

Most surprising thing you've learned about State Farm

In my daily projects, I have the opportunity to take my own project and own that project; take initiative and decide the direction that I want to take that project, all the while receiving feedback from my team members or my manager.

One suggestion for incoming interns

As an intern at State Farm you aren't just making coffee and making copies. You really are given real work to do, and you're able to own that work and the learning opportunity that results from that is one of a kind. It rivals anything you would learn in the classroom.

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