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Strategic Resources Internship Testimonial

Hear from real intern Sabrina about her experience with a strategic resources internship at State Farm™.

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Meet Our Interns - Sabrina

"Compared to a lot of other places, I feel we play and we work hard and that's what I value here."

Strategic Resources
Major: International Economics and Finance
School: Brandeis University
Hometown: Los Altos, California

Best thing about the internship

I remember I wanted to job shadow different areas, and I never had a time where someone told me they didn't have time. They always referred me to someone else. I've seen different departments like Claims, Underwriting and Marketing.

Greatest memory of the internship program

There are intern events. They try to get us to hang out with barbeque or movie nights. There's also community work, so I made a lot of friends through this internship.

Biggest challenge for you

I wrote a review on the Federal Reserve's policy that was sent to higher-up leadership to review. And it just really exceeds my expectation because you don't expect that they give interns opportunities like this, but you really do get that here.

Most surprising thing you've learned about State Farm

Everyone's from a diverse background. You see people from all over the place all united here.

One suggestion for incoming interns

I feel as a college grad or even a masters student, we're looking for something that's more stimulating, more challenging that promotes growth and development, and I definitely find that here.

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