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Stolen Property

Determining ownership and the value of stolen property is difficult after a loss, simply because there is nothing to view. State Farm is dedicated to helping you recover your losses quickly and efficiently.

Preparing a home inventory is one of the best ways to stay prepared. You can also download our free Home Inventory Checklist [PDF-602.7KB].

Helpful for Fact Verification

  • Photographs of inventory, or of a family member with the item in the background
  • Receipts, purchase orders, invoices
  • Canceled checks, credit card slips, charge account records
  • Registration documentation (guns, boats, etc.)
  • Customs declarations, bills of lading, shipping receipts, tariff receipts
  • Warranties and guarantees, and instruction manuals
  • Tax records
  • Chattel mortgages
  • People who can testify to the existence of stolen property

Report a claim or contact your State Farm agent if you have a stolen property claim or any further questions.

Most insurance policies provide coverage for personal property on an actual cash value basis (replacement cost less depreciation). Some policies or endorsements provide coverage on a replacement cost basis -- depreciation is not considered.

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State Farm has always based its business on one principle: integrity. We'll make sure you get your life back on track in case the unexpected happens.

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