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State Farm Community Offers

Build Your Business with Community Offers

Attract customers. Increase sales. And grow your business.

There's no business like your business. Make it grow with Community Offers, a new, no-cost service that markets your business to State Farm customers in your neighborhood, and throughout the United States.

How It Works for Your Business


It takes minutes to request a space for your business on Community Offers, and you'll have an answer within a few days.

Create Offers

Use our simple system to create attractive offers for customers in your neighborhood, or across the U.S.

Prepare for Success

Customers discover your offers in our app and website, and redeem them in person or online - whichever you prefer.

Let's get started

How It Works for Your Customers

We present offers in a list or on a map, so it's easy to find the ones nearby.

Customers “clip” offers to redeem them, or save them for later.

Customers redeem offers in person or online - whichever the business prefers.

Benefits for Your Business

Attract More Customers

Promote your business to thousands of State Farm customers through their phones, tablets, and computer screens.

Easy to Start, Easy to Continue

It takes minutes to request a space for your business on Community Offers, and adding offers is just as quick and easy.

No-Cost Marketing

We won’t charge you for participating in Community Offers. We won’t even take a “cut” when you make a sale.

Neighborhood & National Reach

We make it easy for customers to find nearby offers, and offers throughout the United States.

Let's get started

State Farm
Small Business Insurance

We’ll help you protect your business so you can focus on making it grow.

Want to know more about Community Offers

Discount offers provided by merchants through the State Farm Community Offers program are available to eligiblefootnote[1]State Farm insurance and State Farm Bank®customers. Products and services are offered by third parties and State Farm does not warrant the merchantability, fitness, or quality of the products and services of the third parties.

[1]Eligibility requires a customer to have at least one of the following active policies; auto, renters, homeowners, or a State Farm Bank® product. Eligibility in Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, and New York requires a customer to have a State Farm Bank® product. Indiana customers are eligible with an active auto policy or State Farm Bank®product. Community Offers is not available in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.