No Worries — We Can Cover You With Options for Overdraft Protection

State Farm Bank® understands that situations happen that cause your account to become overdrawn and Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fees to be charged. We want to help you avoid these fees. This information is designed to help you understand the fees, what causes them, and how to prevent them.

Non-Sufficient Funds — When your account does not have enough money to pay an item. An item may include a check, pre-authorized or recurring transfer, electronic bill payment, or electronic transfer initiated through our Online Funds Transfer System.

NSF Fees — State Farm Bank can either pay or return an item unpaid when your account does not have enough money. When this happens, there are two types of fees that you may be charged:

  • NSF Overdraft Fee — If we pay an item, you may be charged an NSF Overdraft Fee.
  • NSF Returned Items Fee — If we return an item unpaid, you may be charged a NSF Returned Items Fee.

Overdraft Protection — This is a service that provides protection on your State Farm Bank Free Checking, Interest Checking, and Money Market Savings account(s) to prevent your account(s) from becoming overdrawn and being charged NSF Fees. With Overdraft Protection, when your account does not have enough money to pay an item, money is transferred for a small fee from your selected Protecting Account and you are not charged a large NSF Overdraft Fee or NSF Returned Items Fee.