Learn More About State Farm Bank® with These Banking Resources

State Farm Bank wants to help you achieve your financial goals.

We've Supplied Some Tools and Resources That Will Help You in Reaching Those Goals

  • Thinking about switching to State Farm Bank? Have questions about direct deposit, automatic transfers and payments, and closing your old account? Learn more about switching banks here.
  • State Farm Bank is FDIC insured. Learn more about the benefits of being insured through the FDIC.
  • We take customer security very seriously at State Farm Bank. More information about online security and identity protection is available on these subjects:
  • Want to understand more about insufficient funds? The Overdraft Protection and Insufficient Funds page has information on fees, what causes them, and how to prevent them.
  • Learn about managing credit, paying off a credit card, and keeping your credit card safe on the Credit Card Tools and Resources page.
  • The Banking Resource Center is a good place for information about banking, investing, mutual funds, retirement, credit and loans.
  • Finally, if you need help or have questions about your accounts, just contact us!