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Understand Your Education Funding Options

Your student looks to you for help in getting an education, and you can look to us for help figuring out the funding.

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Consider Saving or Investing Money Once Budgeted for Childcare

As your student grows older and starts school, consider opening a savings or investment account using the money previously spent on childcare. There are a number of savings or investment options available. These include a 529 College Savings Plan, a Coverdell ESA (Education Savings Account), or the Custodial Accounts (UGMA/UTMA).

Education Is the Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

You may be looking for ways to keep up with continuously rising college costs. Many have found it helpful to encourage friends and family to contribute to education savings.

Grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors may all welcome the opportunity to help your student. Explain to them that, long after toys break or clothes are outgrown, a deposit into an education savings account will still be appreciated.

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