LifePath® Funds Adjust Over Time

State Farm® LifePath® Funds allow you to spend less time reallocating your portfolio since they adjust and become more conservative over time as your target date for needing the funds approaches.

LifePath® Find Your Fund Tool

Choose the LifePath® Fund that's right for you. Just select your current age and the age you plan to retire, and we'll show you the LifePath® fund designed to position you along the way into retirement.

Find Your Fund Tool

When you invest, there are several important decisions to make:

  • What is an appropriate mix of stocks and bonds?
  • When do you need to change this mix?
  • Do you need to make adjustments because of current market conditions?

Risk Disclosures

Investing involves risk, including potential for loss.

LifePath Funds are target-date portfolios whose investment objectives are adjusted over time to be more conservative as the target date (date the investor plans to start withdrawing their funds) approaches. The principal value of the fund(s) is not guaranteed at any time, including at the target date.

Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against a loss.


Not FDIC Insured

  • No Bank Guarantee
  • May Lose Value