Opening a Rollover IRA

To open a rollover IRA with State Farm®, follow the steps below.

Step One: Open an IRA

NOTE: A State Farm IRA must be set-up before State Farm receives the funds.

Step Two: Contact Your Current Custodian

  1. Let the current custodian know you want to roll over your assets to a State Farm IRA, and verify the account is eligible for rollover. Then find out if there are any applicable fees with the rollover.
  2. Ask if they will process the rollover request by phone, if so request the rollover now. If not, ask for the specific forms and ask if there are any deadlines for submitting paperwork.
  3. If you are submitting paperwork to the current custodian, ask them to write your State Farm IRA account number on your distribution check and

Make it payable to:
State Farm Mutual Funds, FBO: <your name>

Mail to:
PO Box 219548
Kansas City, MO 64121-9548

Risk Disclosures

Investing involves risk, including potential for loss.

A 10% tax penalty may apply for withdrawals from tax-qualified products before age 59½

Prior to rolling over assets from an employer-sponsored retirement plan into an IRA, it's important that customers understand their options and do a full comparison on the differences in the guarantees and protections offered by each respective type of account as well as the differences in liquidity/loans, types of investments, fees, and any potential penalties.


Not FDIC Insured

  • No Bank Guarantee
  • May Lose Value