Drive Safe & Save™ with SYNC®

When you drive less, you save more. Enroll your eligible SYNC Vehicle Health Report-enabled Ford, Mercury, or Lincoln vehicle in Drive Safe & Save to earn a discount based on how much you drive. Enjoy each ride while staying focused on the road, with intuitive functions, like voice-activated entertainment.

Remember, if you're not already covered with State Farm® Auto Insurance, you can get a quote, or talk to an agent today.

If you don't own an eligible SYNC-enabled vehicle, you may be able to get this discount using our easy-to-install In-Drive® devices.

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How Does It Work?

Getting Started Is Easy

  1. Enroll your eligible vehicle in Drive Safe & Save. State Farm customers can register online, or talk to an agent. Not a State Farm policyholder? Get a quote today.
  2. Register for a SYNC account on If you're already registered, simply log in.
  3. Activate your vehicle under Vehicle Health Report.
  4. Request a Vehicle Health Report from inside your vehicle within 30 days of enrolling in Drive Safe & Save. You will need to do this before each renewal period.


Can I still participate in Drive Safe & Save with SYNC if I have a SYNC equipped vehicle but do not have an active SYNC account?

An active SYNC account is required to participate in Drive Safe & Save with SYNC.

You may participate in Drive Safe & Save with SYNC as long as you plan to activate your SYNC account at within 30 days of signing up for Drive Safe & Save with SYNC and request a Vehicle Health Report within 30 days of enrolling. If State Farm is unable to retrieve the odometer reading from the Vehicle Health Report, we will remove the initial participation discount back to the effective date it was added.

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*Discounts and savings may not be available or may vary by state, coverages selected, program eligibility, mileage driven and driving characteristics.