Sample Condo Personal Property Appraisal

An independent company has conducted many personal property appraisals for State Farm® and provided the example below to help you complete your own condo appraisal. This chart shows typical personal property replacement values for a condominium 1,125 square feet in size.

Keep in mind this personal property appraisal is only an example. The value of your personal property may be more or less than the amounts indicated here.

Personal Property Replacement Value
Carpeting and Rugs $3,160
Hangings $1,410
Furniture $13,500
TV, VCR, Stereo, Tapes, CDs $3,230
Home Computer $900
Appliances $2,960
Bedding $1,410
Linens $1,130
Paintings, Prints, Photos $1,210
Chinaware $1,220
Glassware $1,260
Sports Equipment $870
Cameras and Photographic Equipment $1,990
Wardrobe $8,700
Books $1,210
Jewelry $1,650
Silver Plated Flatware $2,470
All Other Property $7,240
Total Contents $55,520

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This content is only a general description of coverages for condo home insurance and is not a statement of contract. All coverages are subject to the terms, provisions, exclusions, and conditions in the policy itself and any endorsements.