Identity Restoration

Restoration Services

Identity fraud victims spend an average of 60 frustrating hours repairing the damage done by identity thieves. While many identity theft insurance policies only reimburse you for the money you spend to do the work yourself, identity restoration services from State Farm® include professional case management. This affordable protection – available as an addition to the existing policy that insures your home, apartment, condominium, manufactured home, or farm – saves you time and helps ease your burden.

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We'll assign a case manager to you for up to 12 months to help you counteract the negative effects of identity fraud. With your assistance and permission, this help can include contacts with credit bureaus, creditors, businesses, and authorities. In addition, we will reimburse you up to $25,000 for the necessary and reasonable expenses incurred as the result of the identity fraud. These expenses include items such as:

  • Costs for refiling applications for loans or other credit instruments
  • Costs for credit reports from established credit bureaus
  • Costs for notarizing affidavits, postage, and long distance phone calls
  • Fees and expenses charged by an approved attorney to:

  • Provide a defense against a civil suit brought against an insured person
  • Remove a civil judgment wrongfully entered against an insured person
  • Assist at audits or hearings by a governmental agency
  • Assist in challenging the accuracy of an insured person's credit report
  • Defend against criminal charges arising from the actions of a third party using the personal identity of an insured person

  • Other costs incurred by an insured person to recover control of his or her personal identity
  • Fees from financial institutions resulting from the identity fraud

If you'd rather manage the process yourself, your case manager can provide an identity recovery guide that will walk you through ways to guard against identity theft and what to do if it occurs. This restoration services guide includes sample letters to creditors and credit bureaus and other information to help you through the process.

Talk to your State Farm agent about adding restoration services coverage to your current policy.


This is only a general description of coverages and is not a statement of contract. Details of coverage and limits may vary. All coverages are subject to the terms, provisions, exclusions, and conditions in the Identity Restoration Coverage Endorsement and in the policy to which it is attached.