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Development: Employee Development

What are your career goals ... your dreams ... your aspirations? Employee development can help you get there! State Farm has a long history of developing our employees. We hope your employment with the Company is a lifelong journey of development for you.

General Information

In any role, your first priority should be becoming proficient in your current position. However, as you complete your training, we encourage you to start thinking about ways to both excel in your current job and prepare yourself for future roles. You may consider development for additional responsibilities on your current team, opportunities in other departments or one of the many leadership positions State Farm has to offer. There are many opportunities at State Farm, but it's important to continuously develop yourself, keep your skills current and prepare yourself for the next step, whatever that may be.

Talent Profile

Your first step is completing your Talent Profile. You will access the Talent Profile online, through the Employee Self Service site on the State Farm intranet. Your Talent Profile essentially becomes your internal résumé. It tells the story of your skills, education, work experience, significant business results achieved at State Farm and the types of future opportunities you are interested in.

Once you've completed your Talent Profile, we encourage you to review and update it every six months to ensure it accurately reflects the skills and business results you have achieved. Your Talent Profile is used in evaluating your qualifications and competitiveness for jobs you may apply for in the future, so you'll want to make sure to keep it current.

State Farm University

Another valuable development resource offered at State Farm is State Farm University (SFU):

  • A wide assortment of training and resources providing opportunities to learn throughout the employment lifecycle beginning with employee onboarding.
  • Also provides timely, contemporary, and relevant personal and career development training and resources.

Job Opportunity Program

An additional tool offered at State Farm is our Job Opportunity Program (JOP). Most jobs, up to first-level management positions, are posted Enterprise-wide through our employee Career Center. As an employee, you have access to these job postings and the ability to submit a Request for Consideration for the jobs you are interested in and qualified for. Your Talent Profile will serve as your internal résumé, but you'll also have the opportunity to include additional comments about your qualifications for the position.

Once you are ready to start thinking about other positions within State Farm, we encourage you to let your supervisor know. He or she can provide guidance, as well as help you understand and develop the skills and competencies you need to be ready for your next opportunity.

Employee Development at State Farm ... just a small part of your Total Rewards package and one more reason State Farm is a great place to work!


This brief overview of Employee Development at State Farm is not intended to be a complete explanation. For more detailed information, please refer to the online Human Resources Policy Manual for U.S. employees.