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Development: Mentoring and Employee Resource Groups

While a lot of development occurs on the job, State Farm also recognizes the value of learning through experience and relationships with others. We support this idea through our formal Mentoring Program and approved Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Mentoring Relationships

Mentoring provides opportunities for you to reach your full potential — to learn new skills, build your personal effectiveness and understand our business — through relationships built on trust and respect. Mentoring relationships are beneficial to all parties involved — the person being mentored, or the "mentee," the person providing the mentoring, or the "mentor," and State Farm.

Benefits to Mentee

  • Develop professionally
  • Build informal networks
  • Learn strategies to address problems typically learned by trial and error
  • Obtain objective feedback on skills and abilities from someone other than your supervisor
  • Contribute to our Company through unique talents and perspectives

Benefits to Mentor

  • Demonstrate ability to recognize and develop talent
  • Obtain new perspectives on our organization
  • Broaden professional network
  • Gain personal satisfaction from helping others
  • Learn new skills

Benefits to State Farm

  • Enhance recruitment efforts
  • Facilitate leadership and professional development for associates
  • Retain a diverse workforce
  • Foster commitment to the organization through:
    • Added awareness of individual strengths
    • Shared organizational values
  • Develop and market new business
  • Increase productivity

Within a mentoring relationship, the mentee has the opportunity to ask questions, seek knowledge and obtain feedback from someone they trust and respect other than their supervisor. Mentors share knowledge gained from experience, such as lessons learned, ways to be more effective or how to overcome obstacles. Our Company benefits from the growth and development of both employees!

Many employees naturally form informal mentoring relationships throughout their career, whether they actually identify this interaction as mentoring or not. In addition to these valuable relationships, State Farm offers a formal mentoring program which matches employee mentors and mentees based on the skills each is looking to develop and/or share with others. Although the program is based on a formal match, the mentor and mentee develop their own plan for how to best proceed once they have been paired.

Those in successful mentoring relationships usually develop specific goals and follow an action plan. Some mentoring relationships are short, based on a single, specific goal. Others may last longer. It's really up to the employees — both the mentor and the mentee — to determine the appropriate duration for them.

Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

Employee Resource Groups (ERG) provide yet another opportunity for employees to network, mentor and develop one another professionally. ERGs are independent, voluntary, nonprofit groups of employees formed around a recognized demographic segment such as gender, generation, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity or common social identities such as "parents" or "military."

ERGs must also have a stated business purpose — a purpose intended to help State Farm meet its Three -Year Goals and 10-Year Customer-Focused Aspirations. Groups have the flexibility to tailor their business plans to meet their unique needs. Participating in an ERG, though completely voluntary, provides employees the opportunity to:

  • Build professional networks
  • Gain exposure to other departments
  • Develop skills and knowledge
  • Contribute directly to the success of the organization outside of regular job duties


This brief overview of Mentoring and Employee Resource Groups is not intended to be a complete explanation of career development opportunities at State Farm. For more detailed information, please refer to the online Human Resources Policy Manual for U.S. employees.