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Worklife & Wellness: Vanpool Program

The State Farm Vanpool Program is designed to assist employees with economical, reliable and convenient transportation to and from work. This employee vanpool program also helps minimize commuting expenses, reduce traffic and parking congestion and promote environmental consciousness.

In approved vanpool circumstances, State Farm supplies a van and may even subsidize a portion of the fixed and operating costs. It is up to each individual office to determine what, if any, subsidy will apply, up to 50 percent. Vanpool participants divide the remaining fixed and operating costs among themselves in equal shares. However, the driver pays nothing as long as the vanpool maintains the minimum number of participants. Vanpool participants must reside a minimum of 15 miles from the office to qualify for a vanpool. The recommended minimum number of participants is 10 for a 12-passenger van. Participants are responsible for keeping the van at full capacity.


This brief overview of the State Farm Vanpool Program is not intended to be a complete explanation of plan features. For more detailed information, please refer to the online Human Resources Policy Manual for U.S. employees.