Celebrate My Drive 2013

Key Points/Editor's Note:

Join the movement to lower the number of teen deaths by talking with high schools about teen driver safety and Celebrate My Drive®.

Celebrate My Drive, the State Farm® signature community relations program launched last year, encourages teens to celebrate getting their driver's licenses while practicing safe driving habits. It's an exciting, large-scale celebration designed to rally communities across the U.S. and Canada to support new drivers while working to prevent teen crashes, reduce injuries and save lives.

This year, Celebrate My Drive includes opportunities for agents and employees to participate and help change a major societal problem: Crashes are the No. 1 killer of teens, and the first year behind the wheel is the most dangerous.

Celebrate My Drive 2013 inspires young drivers to think 2N2: 2 eyes on the road and 2 hands on the wheel. From there, teens can enjoy the excitement of the road and where it will take them.

Get Involved; You Can Make a Difference

Through Sept. 30, high schools can register to participate and have a chance to win fabulous prizes – including a grand prize of a $100,000 grant and a concert by a chart-topping music artist. Only schools that are registered by Sept. 30 are eligible to compete.

During National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW) Oct. 18-26, participants can go online to and make a safe driving commitment on behalf of a school. The more commitments they make, the better the chance the high school has to win the grants and prizes.

Join the celebration! Reach out to your children's schools, your alma mater, and other local schools, and encourage them to register today. Use a Printable Program Overview or a High School Outreach Template to talk to friends, family and entire communities to spread the word and get schools registered.

Please complete this form to let us know what schools you've reached out to.

Keeping it Positive

Research shows that teens prefer positive teen driver safety messages when learning to drive. Celebrate My Drive is about emphasizing the positives of safe driving. By reinforcing safe driving habits and encouraging high schools to amp up the conversation with students and teachers, we can save lives.

100 High Schools Win Grants, Two Win a Concert

Two schools – one large and one small – will win a grand prize of $100,000 AND an exclusive concert featuring a chart-topping music artist.

Eight high schools will win $100,000 grants as part of the first prize category and 90 will win $25,000 in the second prize category.

High School Grant Opportunities

Large Schools Greater Than 750 Students Small Schools Less Than 750 Students
Grand Prize (1) $100K Grant
(1) Concert for School by a chart topping music artist
(1) $100K Grant
(1) Concert for School by a chart topping music artist
First Prize (4) $100K Grant (4) $100K Grant
Second Prize (45) $25K Grant (45) $25K Grant

Take a look at what some of the 2012 winning schools did with their $100,000 grants:

Contact your children's high school, the schools in your community, your alma mater and others, and encourage them to register.