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Halloween safety tips for your cars

How can I protect my car this Halloween?

How can I protect my car this Halloween?

According to the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI), approximately 81% more car vandalism claims occur on October 31 than average. Below are some Halloween safety tips that could help prevent slashed tires, smashed windows, and deliberate car damage on Halloween and every other day of the year.

Halloween driving safety tips

While driving at Halloween remain alert for pedestrians and avoid in-car distractions - including your cell phone. Extra caution should be exercised at intersections, corners, and especially driveways. Drive slowly and always remain cautious during Halloween.

Ensure your surroundings are safe

Where you park your car can affect its likelihood of being vandalized. At home, park in the garage. If you don't have a garage, install motion lights that will help deter vandals and alert you and neighbors to activity near your vehicle or driveway.

Away from home, park in a well-lit, populated area — preferably a gated lot or secure parking garage. For added protection, park in a spot away from objects that could help conceal vandals, such as large vehicles, dumpsters, or shrubbery. If you are visiting a friend, ask their advice for a safe place to park.

Try to eliminate the temptations

Remove valuables and any evidence of them from your vehicle. For example, clean GPS suction rings off your windshield, remove stereo faceplates, and store cell phone chargers in the center console.

Bumper stickers also can tempt vandals. If someone doesn't agree with your expressed views, you may become the target of vandals.

Take extra security measures

Add an alarm system and/or surveillance cameras to your car to make it a less desirable target. If it's clear your vehicle has these, vandals may keep walking. Sometimes, simply having a security system decal on a window is enough to discourage them.

Wax your vehicle

Waxing your vehicle shortly before Halloween provides an extra layer of protection. Your vehicle will be protected from many types of elements — those encountered in daily life — and those caused by vandals.

If damage occurs

If your car is accessible to others during the week of Halloween try to check it early each morning. The earlier damage is detected the better. Some damage can be removed or minimized by washing the damage from your vehicle quickly. Be cautious about scratching the finish by rubbing the area.

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