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Credit & Loans Tips

How to Fill Out a Check

Learn how to fill out a check in 6 simple steps.

Finding the Bank Routing Number on Checks

Routing Number: What It Is and Where to Find It.

Before Taking That Loan, Read This. You May Reconsider.

Examples of "good" and "bad" borrowing, so you can use credit to help your finances.

Checking & Savings

Color Full Lives is back with a focus on helping women of color up their financial IQs and take their lives, careers and relationships to the next level.

This introduction to checking accounts explains what features to seek and avoid.

Chip cards are one more way to help you prevent credit theft.

Before you get a new debit card, understand all the charges you may face.


Want to save but still have access to your cash whenever you need? A savings account might be right for you.

Looking to improve your financial habits in the year ahead? Start here.

Staying informed about your credit report can stop credit fraud and identity theft.

Transferring your balance to a credit card with a lower APR can potentially save you big. Calculate just how much.


Establishing credit is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. Here's how to build good credit from the start.

The path to getting a mortgage isn't always a straight line.

Fees can add 5% of the loan amount, depending on location and other factors.

Interest rates are still near historic lows, but those rates also may make it wise to refinance your car loan.

Online Safety Tips

Be sure you realize the financial responsibility you're taking on before co-signing a loan.

Consider these tips to stay safe online and prevent identity theft.

When buying online, heed these tips and avoid becoming a victim of fraud or theft.

Protect yourself and your data with research, quality passwords, and safe web practices.

Teen and Money Management

Dos and don'ts for smoothly navigating the most convenient and popular banking method.

Establishing credit is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. Here's how to build good credit from the start.

Beginning drivers are at highest risk of a crash, so help them make a safe transition.

Give your teens a solid financial foundation by showing these basic budgeting skills.

Teaching Children Saving Tips

Get your teen off to a good start with their own savings, secured credit card and more.

Help children set goals for their money to set up a lifetime of good financial habits.

With the growth of social media, it’s important to proactively keep yourself safe and your account and private information secure.

Learn more about each strategy to find the right option for you.

Credit and Loan Calculators

Calculate Spending and See the Benefits of Spending Less

Not to mention you can add up how much those savings can accrue over the years.

Calculate if You Are Better Off Paying Down Debt or Investing

Pay off what you owe, or invest the money and let it grow? This online tool can help.

Discover How Much Credit You Can Get with This Calculator

Enter your home value and mortgage amount to see what line of credit you qualify for.

To Consolidate Debt, First Calculate the Loan You Need

It's easier to conquer debt when you streamline multiple payments into one place.