How to Budget Like a Pro

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How to Budget Like a Pro

Budgeting can be overwhelming. To get into better budgeting habits, learn to take them in small doses. See more money saving tips from Misty, as she walks through her Month in Money with help from State Farm® Agent Lakitsia Gaines. 

Video Transcript

A lot happens in a month. So, when you’re mapping out your monthly budget - try taking it one week at a time.  Things happen, surprises pop up, and by budgeting on a weekly basis, you’re able to adjust your spending and saving habits accordingly. Monthly budgets work as well, but taking them one week at a time can give you a better sense as to where your money goes. 

There are a few things to note before you start mapping your weekly budgets.

Get Started

Before you start budgeting, sit down and set your financial goals. Whether you want to pay down debt, save more for retirement or take a vacation, goals will help keep you accountable with your budget. For even more information on starting a basic budget, check out “How to Make a Budget” before you start breaking it down from a month to weekly.

Know Where Your Money Goes

From a financial perspective, ignorance is not bliss. Taking budgeting one week at a time is a good exercise in seeing where your money goes. Although some costs reoccur on a monthly basis, it’s a good habit to break it up by week to better understand how to adjust your spending habits.

Find a Good Tracking System

Apps on your phone, spreadsheets, old-fashioned lists and folders, and shareable documents for shared expenses make keeping track of your finances easier, and can fit your organizational preference. Keeping track of your expenses is a lifelong habit that’ll benefit you in more ways than one.

Life happens in weeks, so why not budget that way?

Next Tip: A Raise Can Raise your Savings.  Don’t forget to change your saving habits when you get a raise, your account deserves to celebrate too.