Adoption Stories: Special Needs Children

One Family's Adoption Story

Video Transcript

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How One Couple Turned Tragedy into One Big, Happy Family

When thinking about their future family, Adam and Karen Owens always wanted children, but never dreamt that they would have a huge family. After having their first child, a daughter named Madison in 2005, they found out they were pregnant with Gavin, who was later born prematurely.

By the time Gavin came home, the couple realized that something wasn't right and unfortunately, by the time he got diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, it was too late and the couple lost their son in November of 2009.

Both Adam and Karen however, didn't let their tragic loss determine their future and started looking into child adoption within their community foster system. When they saw a young girl with special medial needs, it just clicked that this child has no family and that [they] had to be that family.

The couple and Madison were both excited to add onto their family, and after their first adoption and seeing the things that they saw, the Owenses felt the need to do something more: They are now parents to six - 4 adopted - children: Madison, Siah, Angela, Jayden, Harper and of course their son, Gavin.

Although the Owens family may appear different on the outside, they are just like any other family and Karen has learned that it's okay to not always be comfortable in life. She adds that in the moments where I was most uncomfortable and the most scared, the most beautiful things happen, Âù and reflected on the best example of losing their son, Gavin. Both Adam and Karen were able turn a dark time in their lives into a beautiful, ongoing story.

In this video, Karen provides some tips for adopting children in foster care. She emphasized that parents looking to adopt need to find a good adoption agency and be open about what they're willing to accept. A good adoption agency will make sure that your home is a good fit & the parents-to-be have the skills and means to take care of the kids.

Watch the video and learn more about one of Adam and Karen's adoption stories and how tragically losing their 2nd child Gavin, changed their outlooks on life.


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