An All-Inclusive Travel Guide for the Rest of Your Life

A Travel Guide for the Rest of Your Life

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Any travel enthusiast can tell you that touring the world isn't just about sightseeing—it's about immersing yourself in the culture of an unfamiliar place, then holding on to that experience for the rest of your life. We think people should be able to explore the world and have these experiences throughout their lives—not just in a gap year after college, or when you retire and realize you haven't traveled since your first child was born.

So we've teamed up with The Huffington Post to give you the must-see-and-do adventures for travel enthusiasts of all ages and travel styles. Whether you're staying at a five-star resort or still resorting to couch-surfing, our practical guide will show you how to field all of life's curve balls to create the best travel memories ever.

20- to 30-Year-Olds

  • Budget: US Road Trip
    Travelling cross-country in the United States of America is about as down right authentic as it gets. Whether you're looking to stop at must-see places like the Grand Canyon in Arizona, or you've been dying to try the legendary donuts at Donut Drive-In in St. Louis, Missouri, this trip will provide enough variety for everyone. It comes at low price, too: lodging on Route 66 starts at $20, and family diners offering complete meals along the way typically cost less than $10.
  • Adventure: South America
    South America is increasing in popularity among young travelers, and is great for exploring diverse cultures and scenery on a budget. Check out Peru to explore endless varying landscapes—you can take a hike up Machu Picchu or surf the world's tallest sand dunes at Huacachina Lagoon—and gastronomists will be thrilled to taste the world's most exciting culinary destination.
  • Luxury: Europe
    Seeing the cosmopolitan landmarks and spanning countrysides of Europe does cost more, but the young traveler will still have plenty of different discount travel options. RailEurope offers low-cost railway tickets that can take you around the continent, and there are airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet that have made it easy for travelers to get around Europe on a budget. This is a great option for young travelers looking to explore multiple locations and cultures for (relatively) little investment.

30- to 40-Year-Olds

  • Budget: US National Parks
    A national park is the perfect place to cultivate a lifelong love of nature. For example, check out Olympic National Park, where you can explore mountains, tropical rainforests and coastal tide pools—all in one place. With bike paths and stroller-friendly hiking trails, this park is the perfect spot to cultivate your family's adventurous side.
  • Adventure: Iceland
    For an adventure that you and your kids will never forget—and one that will have them bragging to their friends for weeks—try an Icelandic camping trip. The Camping Card EHF gives you the opportunity to experience the entire country—up to 28 nights and 42 camping sites—for only $118 (per family). Whether your family is most comfortable in a motor home, caravan, or wants to completely rough it in a tent, you'll have the chance to see scenic small towns, local festivals, and unbelievable mountain ranges that are perfect for hiking trips.
  • Luxury: South Africa
    If you feel comfortable traveling overseas with the entire family, take a look at family-friendly travel trips like a South African excursion with an adventure travel company. These excursions typically include comfortable lodging, food, wildlife safaris and tours around the local villages to see the local culture up close.

40- to 50-Year-Olds

  • Budget: Park City, Utah
    A great travel idea when you have teenagers is a skiing and snowboarding trip—the kids will stay entertained and can even go off on their own mini-adventures. While Park City, Utah may not have a budget reputation, you can cut expenses by bussing (it's $5.50) in from neighboring Salt Lake City and purchasing multi-day slope passes. Still need convincing? Park City Mountain Resort was named the #1 Family Vacation resort in 2012. Make sure to avoid high prices during the Sundance Festival, though.
  • Adventure: Volunteer Vacation
    For bonding, adventure and a little character building, take your teen on a volunteer vacation. The idea behind a volunteer vacation is to give back to the community you are visiting while having fun and learning about the local culture. Look at Go, Eat, Give, an organization that plans group volunteer trips to places like Cuba, India, and Belize. Food tours, cooking classes, cultural tours, and sightseeing are included.
  • Luxury: Turks and Caicos
    Your teens might be finicky and hard to please, but it will be hard for them to complain when they're surrounded by the crystal clear seas and white sand beaches of Turks and Caicos. You and your teens can either relax on the beach, or choose your own adventure of jet-skiing, parasailing, kiteboarding or a more adventurous snorkeling or diving trip. Land lovers can still enjoy horseback riding and biking.

50- to 60-Year-Olds

  • Budget: Quebec City
    Quebec City is great destination for empty nesters—it's small enough to get around easily, has plenty of eclectic restaurants with a Parisian influence, and you can even find four-star hotels for as low as $205 a night. It's perfect for a European date night that's closer to home.
  • Adventure: Australia
    In Australia, you can really have it all. With diverse climates and destinations—like beautiful beaches, bustling cities and surreal excursions like the Horizontal Falls and Hancock Gorge—you can have a series of unforgettable adventures. And when you're ready to kick back, you can enjoy world-renowned dining and watch the sunset at Mindil Beach.
  • Luxury: French Polynesia
    Tahiti and Bora Bora—luxurious gems in the South Pacific that are a bit of a trek, but ideal to take the time to explore when your kids are starting their busy lives. Once you arrive, you can relax on pristine beaches, go for diving and boating adventures, explore the diverse tastes of Polynesian cuisine and even stay in bungalow hovering over still turquoise waters.

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