Community Garden Brings People Together

Community Garden Creates an Oasis in the Middle of Seattle

Video Transcript

At State Farm®, we want to recognize good neighbors that are helping their communities and show everyone that even the smallest act of kindness can change the world. Be inspired by these community service stories through our partnership with The Huffington Post and help us recognize those around you who are making a difference. Check out the original article on Huffington Post.

Community Garden: Creating a Sanctuary of Kindness

When Glen Herlihy decided to become a stay-at-home dad and take a permaculture class, he didn't realize how much of an impact it would have in the city of Seattle. Although he's always wanted to live in the rural area, all he could do was dream of making the city he lives in a better habitat for everyone.

When he was given the task to design a permaculture based project for his final class assignment, Glen and three other classmates decided to bring people together in the midst of all the city life. Their permaculture project turned into what is known today as the community garden, the Beacon Food Forest.

This community garden and park is a place where people can come to get their hands in the soil and do something about the challenges they seize, according to co-founder and classmate, Jacqueline Cramer. It's become an open and welcoming community, where everyone is allowed harvest edibles and share their knowledge.

Most importantly, the permaculture project that came to life has become a place where people can come together on common ground and connect with nature and their community.

Learn more about how the Beacon Food Forest has become a sanctuary of kindness where people enjoy each other's company, food, music, and more!


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