Co-Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents

Recently Divorced? Read These Co-Parenting Tips

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Two Goals for Co-Parenting

Divorce is typically a difficult, emotional time for all involved, but it is also a pivotal moment that will shape your children's lives. While co-parenting as a newly divorced parents is a challenge, it is possible and tremendously important to create a constructive, functional relationship with your ex-spouse for your kids' sake.

With these two parenting tips shared by Mario Armstrong, you can build a foundation for co-parenting after a divorce.

  • Consistency is Key: Both households should share an established routine and the same set of rules and reprecussions.
  • Say No to Competitive Parenting: Encourage a positive relationship between your ex and your children, even when the children are in your care. Reassure them that you support their relationship by suggesting calls and facetime.

By establishing a consistent, positive co-parenting arrangement, you'll help your children handle this major life transition, creating a happy, healthy childhood despite the disruption of divorce. This example will demonstrate how the two most important people in their lives handled this difficult situation with maturity as loving parents.

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Children of divorce often struggle through an emotional time for their parents. Try these co-parenting tips to create a consistent, supportive environment.


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