Dealing with Divorce: Importance of Positive Storytelling

How Your Kids Handle a Divorce Can Depend on the Stories You Tell Them

Video Transcript

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Changing perspective on getting a divorce through storytelling

After 9 years of marriage and one child, Mark and his then wife determined that getting divorced was the best choice for the couple. While going through their separation, both Mark and his ex-wife knew that how they chose to deal with divorce would really impact their son's entire life. In order to put their son first, they wanted to make sure he would come out of the experience having faith in his now different family.

In order to shape the positive language and environment for their son, Mark and his ex-wife told him that they were getting unmarried, instead of getting a divorce. They also asked their friends and family to view them as an intact family, instead of a broken one. By shaping the experience differently, Mark and his intact family were able to change the divorce process into a positive one.

Then one day, Mark ran into a website called The Good Men Project, which was dedicated to shaping modern manhood through storytelling and positive conversations. Inspired by all the stories on the website and wanting to encourage others dealing with a divorce, Mark submitted an essay about his experience with the end of his marriage.

Mark continues to spread his positive message about divorce and also participates in live storytelling events that involve writers and editors of the Good Men Project. His main message and life tips for those experiencing divorce? Stay positive about how you experience life events — the stories that we construct about ourselves end up being stories that we live.

In this video, Mark shares his story on getting divorced and how he's using his experience to change the perspective of many on dealing with ending a marriage. Learn more about how Mark focused on creating a positive narrative and helped people to find freedom in creating something optimistic from dealing with divorce.

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