Mastering Work/Life Balance

The Tricks That Help One Working Mom Balances Career & Family

Video Transcript

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How One Working Mom Balances Work & Family

With three jobs and also serving in Sauk Centre's City Council, Heidi Leach is a working mom with a lot on her plate. She's someone who likes to go after opportunities and her passions by taking things day-by-day.

Although she's a treasurer for a non-profit, wedding photographer and now a city council woman, Heidi is first and foremost a mother. Her job as a mom is her number-one priority, which is why achieving work/life balance has been important for her and her family.

Even though she already had many jobs, she ran for city council because she's always been interested in serving in some sort of public office. It was an opportunity she didn't want to pass up without trying. Heidi is now the first council woman to serve in the city of Sauk Centre.

What are her tips for those working parents trying to achieve better work/life balance? Prioritizing family time. For Heidi's family, Sundays are strictly dedicated to family time, where they have fun in the outdoors or spend quality time at home. It also helps to openly communicate about goals, ideas and support each other's passions as a family.

Learn more about Heidi and her family on how they're able to keep family a priority with many passions and interests. And find family resources throughout the State Farm site.


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