Portland Couple Plans Dream Eco-friendly Wedding

Portland Couple Throws an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Video Transcript

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Planning a Wedding On a Budget & Making it Eco-Friendly

Portland, Oregon is known as the city that loves sustainability and giving back to the community—that and its quirkiness are what Lane' Bigsby loves about her city. When planning their wedding, Lane' and Jeff Bigsby embraced that exact eco-friendly lifestyle of their community to throw their unique celebration.

Lane's vision for her wedding day was to show that not only can you plan a wedding on a budget, but also keep it sustainable and eco-friendly. Every little detail of the wedding was recyclable or reusable. In planning their wedding, they avoided using anything new, including when it came to her bouquet, center pieces and even their attire. Lane's wedding dress was made from a slip and old curtains, while Jeff's suit came from a local vintage store.

Between all the recycled materials used for the wedding as well as the pot luck style food, Lane' and Jeff were able to plan a very budget-friendly wedding that also helped her city and environment.


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