How to Talk About Budgeting with Your Partner

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How to Talk About Budgeting with Your Partner

Chapter 1: Overcoming Hurdles 

Maintaining a good relationship, it seems, always comes down to how well you communicate with one another. Budgeting as a couple is no different.  

In this chapter, you’ll learn ways to overcome budgeting hurdles as a couple. Take some time to watch the video together and download the Money Management for Couples Worksheet. Then, read on to develop a deeper understanding of how to handle your budget and goal planning with your partner.

Video Transcript

Finding your rhythm. 

Ever hang out with another couple and realize how very different you and you partner are in comparison? It’s not a judgment about who’s better or worse, it’s just a realization of your differences. Every couple, like individuals, is unique. 

Consider leaning in to what makes your relationship stand out. Use your chemistry to start building a better budget, together. 

Put it all on the table. 

Managing money as a couple needs each of your unique perspectives in order for it to work. Talk about your plans and how you want to achieve them with your partner. Be open and honest and you’ll figure out a budget that works for both of you. 

Download the Money Management for Couples Worksheet to help you get there. 

Make it a date night.  

Make budgeting fun and plan a date night to talk about finances with your partner. The idea isn’t to go out for a fancy dinner or something extravagant, just that you should make and keep time for the two of you to work on your money and plans together.

These dates could turn into a great habit where you both have time to see how well your shared plans are going, make adjustments, celebrate, and keep going. 

Your Chapter 1 Checklist:

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