Talking Through Budget Changes

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Talking Through Budget Changes

Chapter 4: To Join or Not to Join?

You’re probably picking up on the main point in all these chapters – communication is key to budgeting as a couple. This next chapter reinforces this fact after you’ve tried your budget for a while.  

Once you create a budget and test it, then you can come back and make any necessary adjustments. 

Watch this chapter and let’s figure out ways to fine-tune your budget. 

Video Transcript

Know what’s working … and what’s not.  

After kicking the tires on your budget for a few months, you should be able to identify what’s working well and what needs an adjustment. 

Whenever the time is right to discuss it, do it. You don’t necessarily have to wait for a date night when you know something isn’t working. Ultimately, your budget should be flexible where it could be in order for it to work well. 

Be honest and make smart adjustments – as you go – to build a strong and healthy budget. 

Download the Money Management for Couples Worksheet to help you out. 

Budgeting Tip: Set a date on the calendar when you and your partner can talk about your budget to gauge successes and struggles. The goal is to make good adjustments and customize your budget to help you reach your shared goals. 

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