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The financial differences of freelancing

Take a quick look at what defines and differentiates work life for freelancers.


Video Transcript

Working for You

When all the decision-making and other work responsibilities land on you, approaching your job looks very different. Self-employment is freeing and exciting, but it also requires diligence and planning to weather the ups and downs of contract work.

The more you understand, the better you're able to budget and protect yourself against challenges or slumps.

Be sure to watch the video, download the Financial Foundation for Freelancers  Worksheet , and keep going through this course.

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Great Ways to Set Financial Goals
Listen closely as these experts talk about the benefits of creating financial goals.



Also Important

Reaching Your Financial Goals

Reaching Your Financial Goals

Those goals don't have to be lofty or complicated. Keep them simple and attainable is the message here.

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