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Don’t Forget These Wedding Planning Check-List Extras

Building Your Wedding To-Do’s? Remember These Details to Save on Time, Stress, and Money.

Congrats, you’re engaged! You’re probably full of excitement and ready to get started planning for your wedding day. Whether you are opting for a big shindig or a more intimate gathering, there can be a lot that goes into planning a wedding. Time to break out that wedding planning checklist to organize your to-dos so you can avoid stressing and fully enjoy every moment of the big day with your new spouse.

If you’re early in the planning process, you might have the big things covered, like the venue and wedding day attire. But as you make your wedding planning list, consider including some of these more detailed, yet commonly overlooked elements. Keeping these items in mind and planning for them in advance can help save time, and even money – who doesn’t love that?

Try This

  1. The Other White Dress (or Black Tux)
    Your outfit for the wedding day, the dress (or tux) and all that goes with it, is probably already on your mind. But don’t forget about the special outfit for any other events – like showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or the rehearsal dinner. Make a list of all your events and start shopping for outfit ideas early so you can hit those end-of-season deals.
  2. Pre-wedding snacks
    No matter the size of your event, you and your wedding party will be spending the day prepping and enjoying time together before the ceremony. Avoid hungry friends and do a little research in advance to plan your squad’s favorite snacks and drinks to have on hand (not to mention yours too). Add this to your checklist, and budget, to make sure your crew will head into the wedding festivities feeling the love, and not hunger pangs.
  3. Money, money, money talk
    Wedding costs can add up quickly and start early. While talking about the budget may not be the most exciting conversation, having the money talk with your partner sooner rather than later can help you make the best decisions for your wedding, together. First step, set up a time to have a not-so-scary financial talk, not only for your wedding expenses but also how you want to manage money together once you are married.
  4. Thank You’s
    If you are ordering any invitations, cards, stamps, etc. in advance, don’t forget about thank you cards for other events and gifts leading up to the wedding. Consider if you want to carry the theme from your wedding invitations through those events or have a completely different look. Even if the look of your stationary suite isn’t high on your priorities, planning for this cost and time investment upfront can help avoid multiple orders and cut down on extra trips to the store or shipping costs.
  5. Guests
    Your guest list could be one of the most important parts of your planning. Big or small, you want to surround yourself with your people. Make a master guest list for all events – the wedding and reception, rehearsal dinner, showers, and any other parties. Consider who you’ll be inviting to what event when you make your master guest list. When you’re searching for the perfect rehearsal dinner or shower venue, and considering what it takes to host each event, you’ll have a rough idea of how many people you might be expecting, and can use that number to make smart decisions during planning.
  6. Gifts
    Your friends will surround you with love and support throughout the numerous wedding events leading up to, and on the big day. So plan out a little extra time to thank them. Write a thoughtful thank you note, or plan for a unique token of your appreciation. Reinforce your love for your crew by reminding yourself, and them, how lucky you are to be surrounded by this great group.

What do I do now?

Every wedding is different. You may want to include some or all of these things as a part of your wedding. No matter what you are planning for, you want to enjoy your day, and the time with your fiancé leading up to it. Update your wedding checklist to include what’s important to you to feel ready and confident in planning the wedding of your dreams. When you are ready for a break from planning, enjoy some quality time with your fiancé by trying out one of these budget date ideas.

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