Brothers Start Thriving Phone Case Business During College

Brothers Start Cell Phone Case Business During College

Video Transcript

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How Young Entrepreneurs Built a Successful Family Business

JT and Jim Wangercyn have always been part of the small business world through their families, so it wasn't a surprise when they started a family business even before graduating from college. These two entrepreneur brothers forwent the typical first job and co-founded Loopy Cases as a family business, turning a simple idea from their dad into a thriving company.

The original inspiration came from their dad, who moments after getting his new phone, dropped and cracked his screen. To prevent this in the future, he bought and added a single loop to his phone case to make it easier to hold and harder to drop. Seeing that it was a simple but a great idea, the three Wangercyn's collaborated to start their family business, Loopy Cases.

After having the initial idea and with the encouragement of his college professor, JT entered and won two entrepreneur competitions with the innovative product. With enough funding, JT and Jim worked with his dad to start the family business. They continue to run the quickly-expanding business out of their basement, taking phone case orders from their website and Amazon.

JT's career advice for college students and those wanting to start a business: 'Take as many risks and opportunities as you can and really find out who you are and what you want to do. Don't be afraid to talk to professors and be willing to work hard for it. Nothing comes easy in life.'

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