Where do you put security lights?

Improve your home's security and help prevent break-ins by strategically installing floodlights, motion-sensor lights and lights on timers.

Lighted home for home security.

Residential and outdoor security lighting

One of the most cost effective ways to deter burglars is with lighting. Walk around your house at night and take a look at the dark areas where a burglar could hide. Think about installing lights in those areas, especially around doors, windows and other places they could pry their way in.

Ideally, outdoor light should provide at least 100 feet of visibility and, if possible, be out of reach so burglars can't remove or break them. Motion and light sensitive lights turn on automatically and are also a great deterrent, as well as an energy saver. Indoor lights should give the impression that there's always someone home.

Strategically placed security lighting

More lighting around your home reduces the chances of a break-in. Well-placed lights and motion-sensor lights eliminate possible hiding spots and can deter potential thieves. And lights set on timers can create the illusion that you're home, even if you're not. Improve your home's security and help prevent break-ins by strategically installing floodlights, motion-sensor lights, and lights on timers.

Automatic timers

Automatic timers are great for turning lights on and off at certain times, but don't just use them when you're not there. Keep the pattern the same, whether you're there or not. Lighting is an important part of home security you may not have thought of, but it's only one part of a good home security plan.

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