Questions to ask your landlord about rent payments

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Ask your landlord about rent payment specifics

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Even if you've already found your perfect apartment, a rent payment flaw could easily opt you out of your dreamy rental. Conversely, you may find out that there are extra amenities in the rent agreement you might benefit from. Before signing a rental agreement, ask the landlord the following rent payment questions and get clear answers.

What's included in rent?
You probably know what the monthly rent price is, but do you know everything it includes?

Your rent price may include certain utilities, a parking space or storage space. Even if it's not included in rent, ask if your landlord offers storage or parking for an additional cost, if you're interested in those amenities.

How do I pay rent?
Rent is typically paid online or by check. Understanding how to deliver your payment is important because if it's unclear, your payment may be considered late and you could potentially be responsible for a late fee.

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If your landlord doesn't allow online rent payments, ask who to make the check out to and to what address it should be sent. Also ask about the procedure for late rent. Will there be a late fee and if so, what is the amount? How many days is considered late?

Asking your landlord about rent payments is crucial. You need to know when rent is due and how to pay. Continue reading to learn questions to ask your landlord about deposits and fees.

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