Tax calculator for retirement income

You have a good amount saved up, but what will taxes and inflation do to your nest egg? Find out with our calculator.

This retirement calculator will help you understand the impact inflation and taxes will have on your retirement savings. Simply enter your current savings amount, the amount you contribute every month and your anticipated years until retirement, along with tax and inflation information, and we'll display your results.

Impact of taxes and inflation on savings

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After tax rate of return
After tax and inflation rate of return


Before tax rate of return
After tax rate of return
After tax and inflation rate of return

Future value

Before tax and inflation
After tax
After tax and inflation
Your pre-tax rate of return of x.x% equates to x.x% after taxes and inflation.
The amount you could accumulate after taxes and inflation is $xx.
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Neither State Farm® nor its agents provide tax or legal advice. This calculator is for illustrative and educational purposes only. Its accuracy and applicability to your circumstances is not guaranteed. Please consult your own adviser regarding your particular circumstances.

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