Pursuing Life After Retirement: Bob White

How One Retiree is Enjoying Life After Retirement

Video Transcript

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How One Retiree is Enjoying Life After Retirement

An Air Force Veteran, meteorologist and ordained minister, Bob White is enjoying life after retirement by pursuing things he's always wanted to do, including writing and publishing fiction.

Bob has had many passions throughout his pre-retirement life as seen by his career changes and hobbies like ice dancing. While he's had a chance to travel the world and accomplish a lot in his life, retirement gave him the time and freedom to pursue other passions. He thought about what would help make for a happy retirement and pursued new dreams by going back to a college as an adult.

While he didn't have specific goals in continuing his education, his love of storytelling and positive responses from his professor led him to creative writing. He combined his experiences from his personal experiences and travels to inspire his writing. With a little help from his friends, Bob was able to self-publish his books. He has now gained a fan base and continues to enjoy life after retirement as a recognized author.

He advises other retirees to remain active and try new things.

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