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Beware of potential dangers lurking in the microwave

Microwave ovens are quick and convenient, but make sure to microwave safe.

Facts on microwave safety


            MICROWAVE</p><p>While microwave ovens offer quick, convenient cooking, they also can be

            dangerous if they aren't used carefully</p><p>90% of American homes with microwaves</p><p>7,100 microwave-related home fires 2007-2011 (1)</p><p>$31 million annual average in property damage from microwave fires (2)</p><p>From 1990-2010 an average of 21 people per day were treated in

            emergency rooms for microwave-related injuries (3)</p><p>Spills were the most common cause of injury (4)</p><p>The most common injuries were burns to the fingers and hands (5)</p><p>Kids were more likely than adults to burn their face, head or neck (6)</p><p>Erupted hot water phenomena</p><p>This occurs when water heated beyond 212 degrees in a clean cup or bowl

            shows no signs of boiling, but explodes if disturbed. Reduce the risk by:</p><p>Use dishes with sloped sides</p><p>Stir in sugar or soup mixed before microwaving</p><p>Leave a microwavable spoon in liquids while heating to break up the

            surface tension</p><p>Fire and ice</p><p>To eliminate hot spots:</p><p>Rotate the dish one-quarter to one-half midway through cooking</p><p>Stir foods before eating</p><p>Hot, hot, hot!</p><p>The steam inside microwaved containers and popcorn bags can exceed 180

            degrees. Use caution when cooking and handling these items.</p><p>Use vented containers</p><p>Let containers cool 1-2 minutes before opening</p><p>Open containers away from your face</p><p>Use oven mitts or potholders</p><p>Dishing on microwavable cookware</p><p>Aren't sure if your dishes are microwave-safe? Find out in 4 steps:</p><ol><li>Fill a measuring cup with one cup of water</li><li>Place it in the microwave along with the dish</li><li>Microwave one minute on high</li><li>If the dish feels warm, it isn't microwave-safe</li></ol><p>Put a fork in it.</p><p>Pierce foods in pouches or foods with tight skins or membranes to allow

            steam to escape.</p><p>Common culprits:</p><p>Hot dogs, egg yolks, squash and potatoes</p><p>Avoid eggs-plosions</p><p>Never microwave an egg in its shell!</p><p>Minimize splashes and spills</p><p>Microwaves should be within easy reach for all users. Your face should

            be higher than the microwave door.</p><p>It starts with a spark.</p><p>Some materials can spark, which could lead to fire. These include:</p><p>Aluminum foil (cover foods with waxed or parchment paper instead)</p><p>Metal twist ties</p><p>China with metallic paint</p><p>Signs it's time to replace your microwave:</p><p>Bend, damaged or non-closing doors</p><p>Damaged hinges, latch or door seals</p><p>Long cooking times</p><p>Buzzing or loud noises</p><p>Burning odors while running</p><p>Unit is more than 10 years old</p><p>Find out more tips from State Farm for avoiding kitchen fires.</p><p><br/></p><p>1-2 <a href="" class="new-window" rel="nofollow" target="new window" title="External link, opens in new window-">National Fire Protection

                Association</a><br/></p><p>2-6 <a href="" class="new-window" rel="nofollow" target="new window" title="External link, opens in a new window- American Journal of Emergency Medicine">American

                Journal of Emergency Medicine</a>; Microwave oven-related injuries treated in hospital ERs in the

            United States, 1990-2010</p>

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