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Defensive Driving Articles

Prepare your car for winter with a few simple tips

Winter driving conditions can turn treacherous in an instant. Here are some tips to prepare your vehicle.

The Real Consequences of Drunk Driving

Jail, lost licenses, higher insurance rates: Drinking and driving isn't worth it.

Share the Road with Farm Vehicles

Driving in rural areas requires keeping alert for tractors and other farm vehicles.

Prepare your craft and your knowledge to have safe, smooth sailing.

Teach your teen to be safe behind the wheel with these tools and tips from State Farm®.

Roughly 200,000 crashes each year are caused by texting drivers, but most teens don't see the danger in it.

Watch out for these danger signs of brake failure, and learn what to do if they fail.

Misconceptions about backseat safety can put riders at risk. Learn the backseat basics.

Price is important - but it's not the only factor. Knowing your needs saves time and money.

Share these tips with your teen driver to help promote driving safety.

Everyone loves a party with friends to watch the big game—just don't forge to nominate a designated driver for after.

How can I protect my car this Halloween?

Today's new cars are packed with safety features. But which are most important?

Cars are increasingly equipped with technology. Be aware of the risk and use wisely.

Even if you're vigilant, auto-deer collisions can happen. Learn what to do next.

Prepare for the dangers of headlight glare and learn the importance of visibility when driving at night.

Tips to survive long drives, motorists who've had a few too many eggnogs and navigating the mall parking lot.

These steps could help to prevent thieves from siphoning out your vehicle's gas.

From your keys to parking choice, there's more you can be doing to prevent theft.

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