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Living Ideas

Building a Special Needs Plan

Planning for the care of your loved ones if you're not there is important. It's critical when you are responsible for an individual with special needs.

How to be a Good Neighbor in Retirement

Extend a hand in your community with these 10 ideas.

Senior Housing: Help your Loved Ones Decide

Questions to help decide if assisted living or a nursing home is right for your loved one.

Getting married or recently tied the knot?

Walking is a great form of exercise that everyone can enjoy, but potential hazards can spoil your afternoon stroll.

Help your children understand credit so they can build healthy financial habits.

Natural solutions to help combat seasonal affective disorder until the spring.

You don't have to make a major investment to let your teenager channel her inner creativity.

As smartphone use increases, so do ways of stealing your personal information.

Between identity theft and cyberbullying, steer your teen away from Internet dangers with this guide to online safety.

Try these strategies to make the holidays less stressful and avoid surprise expenses.

Some holiday traditions can be dangerous — even deadly. Here's what to watch out for.

Holiday scams to avoid that may pass through unsuspected during the hectic season.

With a little extra planning and online research, you can stretch your gift-giving budget this holiday season.

Tips to keep your decorating, shopping and gathering relatively under control.

Help children set goals for their money to set up a lifetime of good financial habits.

Here's a checklist of party dos and don'ts for welcoming the New Year.

Once the last stage is crossed and cap is thrown, real life begins. Here's what you'll learn.

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