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Whatever your financial needs, State Farm is there to help. As a business owner, a State Farm agent takes on many of the same responsibilities you do, such as finding and keeping employees, managing finances, and planning for the future.

There are a wide variety of financial products available. A State Farm agent will be happy to help you find the right product or service, like the ones listed below, to help you meet your unique financial needs.

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Business Life

If something happened to you or a key employee, it could be costly to your business and your family. Without proper planning, your business could suffer financial hardship and be sold to outside parties. To avoid these situations, financial products such as the Buy-Sell Agreement and Key Employee Insurance funded with State Farm life insurance can help.

Help attract and retain employees by using fringe benefits such as Executive Bonus, Split Dollar Plans, and Deferred Compensation Plans as key employee incentives. You can select which employees receive the benefits and which type of benefit they receive.

Group Life

Group Life Insurance is a financial product that provides a valuable employee benefit to help attract and retain loyal employees. Not only will you build a better team through better benefits, the premiums you pay for your employees are generally tax deductible as a business expense. In most states we can establish a plan for employee groups of five or more, and you can choose from a variety of benefit amounts. Contact a State Farm agent who will be glad to help you design a plan to protect your most valuable asset — your employees.

Small Business Retirement Plans

Choosing the right retirement plan that meets the financial needs and goals of your small business may seem overwhelming. A State Farm agent is available to guide you through this process and help make planning for retirement easier for you and your employees. A full range of plan types and investment options are available to you with State Farm Mutual Funds.

Disability Income Insurance

The foundation of your business could be jeopardized if you become disabled due to an injury or illness. What kind of personal resources would you need to rely on to pay the bills? Speak to a State Farm agent today about the variety of Disability Income insurance products available through State Farm to provide the financial protection you need.

Health Insurance

When group insurance is not an option, consider individual medical insurance coverage for you and possibly your employees. A State Farm agent will be able to walk you through the various medical plans available to you and your employees on an individual basis. Through a marketing alliance with Assurant Health, State Farm offers Health Insurance products that are underwritten and issued by Time Insurance Company. These medical plans include individual medical coverage, short-term medical coverage, and a fixed-indemnity plan with limited benefits.

Long-Term Care Insurance

What plans have you made if you were no longer able to care for yourself? How would you pay for the care you might need, such as in-home care or a nursing home? A State Farm Long-Term Care Insurance Policy can give you choices when your health changes. It allows you to protect your assets, standard of living, retirement, and estate. And, most importantly, it allows you to avoid becoming a burden to your family. The Long-Term Care Insurance premiums may also be eligible as a self-employed health insurance federal income tax deduction. Talk to a State Farm agent today about the benefits of a Long-Term Care Insurance Policy.

State Farm Bank®

The State Farm Bank Visa® Business credit card* is designed exclusively for business owners looking for a card that helps them manage their business by having access to online reporting tools and the ability to separate business and personal expenses. In addition to this, the State Farm Bank Visa Business card offers a rewards program.

* Issued by State Farm Bank, an affiliate of State Farm


Deposits and lending products are offered by State Farm Bank, Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender. Insurance and Investment Products are offered by affiliate companies of State Farm Bank and are not FDIC insured, not an obligation of or guaranteed by the Bank, and are subject to investment risk including the possible loss of principal invested.